Redline Athletic Training

TCV is excited to partner with RedLine Athletics for the 2015/2016 club season. We realize that we have a limited amount of gym time with our athletes each and every week. As such we don't want to use that time getting our athletes into volleyball shape, we want to spend that time developing volleyball skills. Traditionally, we have left the "getting into volleyball shape" up to each individual athlete, but as a whole we have found that does not work for a large percentage of our athletes.  That is where RedLine comes in. For National level teams one Team Training session a week is included with your dues, and attendance is required. For Club level teams you will be able to sign up for the once a week Team Training as well for $120. However, if you want to train more often you can do Semi-Private training at a special TCV price, details below. For National level athletes that choose to go the Semi-Private route the $120 that TCV has paid for your Team Training will be applied to your 6-month Semi-Private membership. That reduces the cost from $99 a month to $79 a month. Team Training is included with your Semi-Private membership.

TCV's objective has always been to provide an experience to suit each individual athlete's desires and goals. To that end we are making programs like this available along with Skills Sessions each week. That way you can choose how much or how little you want to be in the gym. You are in control of your future and your goals, we are here to provide the tools to help you, and RedLine is yet another tool that you can use along your journey.