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I am excited to introduce you to our new blog & website. This is where we plan to share our thoughts on the next big ideas that will shape & disrupt our industry & the world of Volleyball. We also plan to give you updates on Team Colorado Volleyball activities, including the latest news on our teams, games and tournaments, summer program events & coaching. Or, we may just share whatever is on our mind?

Advice From a Former Director, Coach and Parent
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  • Have fun! After all this should be fun.
  • I will throw stones and I will call people out, why? I don't live in a glass house I hold myself and this club to the same standard as I would hold anyone else, and when we fail to meet those standards we hold ourselves accountable.
  • If there is a general email sent out or a general statement made calling out an action or deed and you're offended, you are either guilty of the action or insecure. Please correct either of those.
  • Savor these moments. Once it is gone it is gone. Before you know it you will be the grandparent. Perspective!
  • When attending a multi-day tournament. Go see something you would never see or eat something you would never eat. Memories will happen on the court but you will have those on video. The courts in the Philadelphia convention center look just like the courts in the Kansas City convention center, but the BBQ at Q39 is insane and everyone should see where they signed the Declaration of Independence.
  • Parents only go out for a drink with other parents if you are in a good mood. Kids remember this for later in life. Alcohol makes you more of what you were when you started to drink. If you were happy you will be more happy. If you were grumpy you will be more grumpy. Nobody needs more grumpy in their life.
  • All parents have rose colored glasses when it comes to their children. Although, some parents have a way darker tint.
  • Every parent wants the 5 best players on the floor plus their athlete.
  • For most ages, but definitely for 14s and below, parents care more about winning or losing than the athletes do. Ask your athlete how they feel before you project your positive or negative emotions to them.
  • Want to entertain yourself, go watch a volleyball match at crossroads from two courts away. Watch the parents not the game. Yes you do look that crazy.
  • As a parent if you regularly come to practice use that time for one of two things. If you are an actual coach of the team then coach. If not make friends with the other parents and socialize. Everyone needs more friends. You watching your athlete practice results in one of four things: more anxiety for your athlete, more anxiety for you, more anxiety for both of yo...

Posted by Lance P. on 10/10/2019

Girls Coaching Assignments
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Below is the current list of coaches and team assignments. This list may change and there will be more that 9 total teams. It is hard to tell before tryouts where the additional teams will land. We have coaches in ready to go for the additional teams, but will not assign until later.

12s and 13s Lead Coach - Justin Hertlein
121 Club - Jordyn Kinsey
131 Club - Daryl Lambert
132 Club - Hagen Marozas
141 National - Justin Hertlein/Ryan Pinkston
151 National - Chrissy Elder/Luis Marenco
161 National - Don Harris/Lance Phair
162 National - Ellen Senf/Bob Stellick
171 National - Nate Martell/Ryan Pinkston
181 National - Master Coach - Chrissy Elder Head Coach - Aly Morgan

Posted by Lance P. on 06/27/2019

TCV Changes: Co-Director Chrissy Elder
Category: News & Updates
Athletes and Parents,
              Within the last month I, Lance Phair, began the process of transferring the Co-Director postition of TCV to Chrissy Elder, UCCS head coach. Chrissy joined the TCV family last season. I have been planning taking a reduced role within the club for a few years. However, I wasn't going to make a change until the club was on solid ground and I found someone that I could trust to carry on the TCV philosophy.
              TCV had never been in a better position. Chrissy and Kyong leading the overall club and Justin Hertlein directing and leading Boys, Beach and Prep, have allowed me to feel comfortable with this transition. We will have at least two teams that will play in the Mixed division next season. We are the only club in the Springs to have a Boys team and a Beach team. I also started TCV Prep, our developmental program. In the past 6 years we have built the best club coaching staff in the area. From the four college coaches on staff, to the coaches that have been with us for years, to former players that are now coaching for us, there isn't another staff that compares top to bottom. So given all this, the timing is right. We just needed the right person.
             Chrissy is that person. She understands and believes in the TCV philosophy. If I didn't trust that Kyong and Chrissy could build on the growth of TCV I would not be making this move. I will still be involved in the club, I will still coach, I will be on the board of directors, and I will provide guidance as we get into the start of next season. Running a club is not easy and we will all work together so we continue down the TCV path and don't make mistakes of the past and only move forward. I have full faith this will happen.
             Thank you. I have truly enjoyed doing this for the last 6 years.
Lance Phair
Posted by Lance P. on 06/27/2019

Don Harris 161 National Coach
Category: News & Updates
TCV is excited to announce the addition of Don Harris to our coaching ranks. Don is currently the assistant coach at UCCS and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to our coaching team. Don is widely regarded as one of the best coaches on the area and we are honored that chose TCV as his club coaching home. Don will coach the 16 National team for the 2019-2020 season. 

Posted by Lance P. on 06/26/2019

12s and 13s Lead Coach: Justin Hertlein
Category: News & Updates
TCV Announcement: For the 2019/20 club season Justin Hertlein is going to take an expanded role on the Girls side of the club. Justin will continue to be the Boy's and Beach Director, but he will also now be in charge of the 12s and 13s programs, and the 14 National Head Coach. Justin, in conjunction with the great youth coaches, will make sure that our youngest athletes start their volleyball lives with strong fundamentals, and the willingness to be held accountable. This group of coaches know how to make the game fun while being disciplined. We look forward to the progress these athletes will make this season.

the progress these athletes will make this season. 
Posted by Lance P. on 06/26/2019

Picking a Club FACTS and RANKINGS
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It is hard picking a Volleyball club. Where do you go get information? How do you compare one club to another? It isn't easy and there certainly isn't a single website to lookup. Most information is passed along by word of mouth and it may or may not be accurate. So we have decided to consolidate two types of data for informational purposes. We have pulled the RMR rankings for the top team from each club that serves the Colorado Springs area, and we also have put together a chart of what you get for your money with each club in the area. Club directors if there is anything that is inaccurate in the below chart let me know and once it is verified I will change it.

There are many ways to measure success, but right or wrong parents generally equate success with how a team finishes. The below charts shows how each club finished the season within the region for the 12 to 17 age groups with their top teams. We did no include the 18s for two reasons: the 18s are done and off to college, we had two clubs play in the mixed divisions for 18s and the rankings can get debatable. We also supplied three averages: All Ages (12-17), 13-17, and 14-17. This can help show how teams mature and develop. For the even ages these rankings are through Power 5, the region has not updated rankings to reflect Power 6.

Top Team Age TCV Altitude Hot Shotz Coalition Summit GO!
12 15 5 8 N/A N/A 29
13 24 30 13 22 N/A N/A
14 28 26 21 54 38 57
15 2 8 37 16 33 49
16 10 11 31 9 5 N/A
17 6 3 18 14 23 N/A
Avg 12-17 14.17 13.83 21.33 23.00 24.75 45.00
Avg 13-17 14.00 15.60 24.00 23.00 24.75 53.00
Avg 14-17 11.50 12.00 26.75 24.75 24.75 53.00

It is important to know and understand what you are getting when you sign-up for club Volleyball. It is a 6 to 8 month commitment that you...

Posted by Lance P. on 05/16/2019

Category: News & Updates
The RMR region of USA Volleyball is constantly evolving and changing. The good thing is this year I feel that they moved things more in the favor of the parents and athletes. It makes it a bit tougher on clubs and their staff, but oh well we will all survive. However, as things get tougher for clubs the likelihood that they will break, bend, or try and go around the rules increases. I always make the statement that adults ruin everything, and the recruiting / marketing process for club volleyball is no different. As a parent I would not want to associate my young athlete with a club or their leadership that is willing to break the rules because they want to win,or get the best kid. 

  • As of May 6th Clubs can make non-binding offers to athletes within their organization.
  • Clubs can hold Open Gyms or Clinics but until July 7th they are not allowed to hold a tryout
  • During this time clubs can answer questions have discussions  and communicate with athletes and parents at Open Gyms or Clinics but no offers of any kind can be made to athletes outside of their current club, even verbal.
  • As of July 7th clubs can make non-binding offers to any athlete they choose. 
  • Clubs can ask for a verbal commitment to get an idea of who would like to be part of a team but until a contract is signed there is no real agreement.
  • As of 7/19/19 at 10:00 AM clubs can accept binding contracts. Once the contract is signed and counter-signed it is immediately binding.

Posted by Lance P. on 04/26/2019

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