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Dates: 1/29/18 to 3/30/18
Days/Times: Advanced Mon 6:30 to 8:00 & Friday 8:00 to 9:30
                     Beginner Wed 6:30 to 8:00 & Friday 6:30 to 8:00
Cost: $220
Location: Eagleview Middle School

With the exception of the first Friday of each session, Friday's are play days, and the other day is when we focus on skill work. There will always be one Master Coach in the gym, one Apprentice coach per court and one Athlete coach per court. You can read more about what we do and how we do it below. Matches on Fridays will not always look like a normal volleyball match, because when you are first learning the game real volleyball matches are boring and very little real volleyball happens. It usually is serve into the net, rotate, serve into the net, rotate, next player serves 5 aces and in 5 minutes no volleyball happened. We modify the game so volleyball happens at all levels.

ADVANCED SPRING PREP                          BEGINNER SPRING PREP                   \


TCV Prep is an affordable developmental volleyball program that offers top quality coaching. Your options for developmental volleyball generally fall into two categories. The first is Y ball or something similar. This option generally has poor coaching but a low cost.  The coaching is hit or miss at best and it is not consistent from one team to the next. That is why TCV Prep uses the Master/Apprentice coach model. The second option is a higher priced developmental team that plays in a "league". I put the word league in quotes because some of the leagues only consist of teams from that program so in reality there is no league. These programs can cost $500 or more and can run for as little as 10 weeks.  As with everything there are variations from one program to another, and you should do your research.  TCV Prep is $220 for each 8 week session. Our goal is to expand the overall volleyball knowledge of the Colorado Springs region and give as many kids as possible the chance to enjoy this game. We want to make the game, at the entry level, as affordable as possible. You can read more about what we do below and we hope to see you in the fall.


TCV Prep utilizes the Master Coach technique. For each session of TCV Prep there is one Master coach and several Apprentice coaches.  The Master coach develops and directs all practices and the Apprentice coaches go back with their groups and reinforces the direction of the Master coach. For example the Master coach will call all of the kids and coaches in and explain a specific technique and skill. He will also give the Apprentice coaches very specific aspects they should be coaching along with very specific phrases to use. The benefit of this design is two-fold.  First, by given very directed and specific instruction to the coaches all of the coaches become Master coaches. Second, every athlete in the gym is taught the same techniques and skills with no variation from team to team or coach to coach.


Each athlete will be placed on a team with 6 other athletes at a similar skill level.  Although there will be 6 players on a team there will never be more than 4 on the court. Why in the world would we play 4s? At the developmental level one of the hardest things to do is to get young athletes to be aggressive and move. The fewer athletes on the court the more space they have to move and the more likely they are to be aggressive when learning the game. In Brazil, arguably the best volleyball country in the world, they don't allow their athletes to play 6 v 6 until they are over 14 years old. At TCV prep all matches will be 4 v 4 with athletes constantly rotating in. The goal is to maximize the touches for these young athletes.