Team Colorado Volleyball:

2019 - 2020 Dues

As you compare clubs one of the points of comparison is always price, and what you get for your money. TCV dues covers everything for your athlete with the exception of travel and related expenses to and from tournaments for your athlete and family. TCV will never come to you for more money to cover tournament expenses, travel for a coach, or uniforms.  It is the goal of TCV to have all National teams either qualify for USAV Nationals or attend the AAU Nationals at the end of the season.  If neither of the those occur the National/AAU portion will be refunded to you at the end of the season. If the team is attending USAV National or AAUs participation is require and not optional and the additional dues will be collected. TCV will never come asking for additional fees.

Be leery of clubs that promise a low dues. Make sure you understand what that include. Does it include expense for out of state qualifiers, uniforms, travel expenses for coaches, etc? We have been told stories where the tuition (dues) for a club was $3,500 but you had to pay for uniforms, additional costs for National Qualifiers, etc. and the family ended up paying over $6,000 in dues to the club. TCV is a non-profit organization and we budget very tightly so we can keep our dues as low as possible while still providing all the extras that we provide free of charge: Redline training, Skills Training, and recruiting assistance. Also, there will be no CC processing fees charged this season.

National 16 - 18 will attend two out of state tournaments.
National 14 - 15 will attend one out of state tournament.

Team Dues  Refunds if not qualified for USAV or AAU Nationals
National 18 $3,500/$3,200 $300 (Adidas Shoes Included)
National 16 - 17 $3,800/$3,300 $500 (Adidas Shoes Included for 17 National)
National 14 - 15 $3,500/$3,000 $500
Club 14 - 17 $2,300 N/A
Club 13 $1,800 N/A
Club 12 $1,700 N/A

Payment Plans: We have standard payment plans for all teams and we can customize if needed just ask. If you pay in full you will receive a 5% discount.