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Coaching Staff

2017 - 2018 Coaches, Trainers and Support Staff

Many families base their club choice on the specific coach that will be on the court with their child. Good! Team Colorado is very proud of our coaching staff, and our Coach Development Program. Most clubs have 1-2 coaches' meetings in pre-season, and then let the coaches wing it for rest of the season. We have close ties with top coaching minds in the country, and we share their knowledge with our coaches and athletes on a regular basis. You will find consistency throughout each division, in skills, systems, and strategies with the intention that players continuously progress, and don't have to start over with each new coach / season.

Coaches are assigned to best suit the needs of athlete and team advancement, and Team Colorado commits to collaborative coaching through a mentor and training structure. The number of teams at each age is not always determinable; therefore, as tryouts show us the number of teams in each age, we will adjust the assigned coaches to best meet the needs.


Girls' Coaches:

18 National
Head Coach - Daryl Lambert
Assistant Coach - Gabby Lutjen

17 National
Co-Head Coach - Justin Hertlein
Co-Head Coach - Natalie

16 National
Head Coach - Justin Hertlein
Assistant Coach - Ryan Pinkston

16-1 Club
Head Coach - Patti Carter
Assistant Coach - Bruno Chateau

15 National
Head Coach - Lance Phair
Assistant Coach - Chad Koenegstein

15-1 Club
Head Coach - Hillary Keltner
Assistant Coach - Daryl Lambert

14 National
Head Coach - Jo Hoffman
Assistant Coach - Jessica

14-1 Club
Co-Head Coach - Todd Thorton
Co-Head Coach - Bob Stellick

13-1 Club
Head Coach - Tito Valez
Assistant Coach - Ellen

13-2 Club
Head Coach - Anna Conrad
Assistant Coach - Siege

12-1 Club
Head Coach - Greta Ludwig
Assistant Coach - Tamera Reub

Boys' Coaches:

18 National
Head Coach - Chad Koenegstein
Assistant Coach - Katie Mitchell

18 Local
Co-Head Coach - Caleb Sjoerdsma
Co-Head Coach - McQella Adams

14 National 
Head Coach - Daniel Becker
Assistant Coach - Siege Picato

14 Local
Head Coach: Tito Valez
Assistant Coach: Charles Fox