Team Colorado Volleyball: FAQ's


You can be invited to participate on a TCV team in one of two ways.

  1. Open Gyms - At the TCV Open Gym sessions we will be evaluating players for the upcoming season, and it is possible to receive an invite at an Open Gym.
  2. Try-Outs - TCV will hold open try-outs sometime in September.  This is where we finalize the rosters for the upcoming season.


As with all clubs in the area TCV does actively look for athletes to join the TCV family. However, where we stand apart is how we recruit.  We choose to respect the other clubs in the area and will not result to negative recruiting.  Instead we choose to illustrate the positive aspect of being part of the TCV family and letting the athlete and their family decide.  We want athletes and families that want to be part of the TCV family.

TCV has developed a referral bonus that benefits the families and athletes of TCV.  See the main page for details.

What EXTRA programs does TCV offer?

Once the season starts TCV offers weekly skills sessions that are free to all athletes.  This is extra training time that is offered for the athletes that want as much court time and learning opportunities possible.

New this season TCV has hired skill specific coaches.  There will be specialized coaches for the following areas: Setting, Hitting, Defense.  These coaches are experts in each of these areas and will be responsible for organizing and running the weekly skills sessions.  Since they are the resident experts the skills sessions will be very targeted to the needs of each athlete.

I am being recruited by multiple clubs what do I do?

First, feel flattered.  It is a big complement to be offered a position on a single club let alone multiple clubs.  Second, take your time and ask questions. Make sure the club is the right fit for you, because at the end of the day this is a 7 to 9 month commitment.

Finally, if you are being pressured to sign right now, and getting the 


Salesmen tactics I would walk away.  Keep in mind like any relationship a club is usually on it's best behavior when they are trying to sign you.  If they are willing to treat you that way day one then it would not be a place for my family.

That being said their are deadlines and the sooner the club knows of your decision the better, but the timeframe for that decision at TCV is never NOW.  If you have made up your mind and are committed to signing immediately we will gladly fulfil that request.  At a minimum you will have a few days to make your decision.