Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

TCV provides need based financial aid as well as merit and need based scholarships. However, all applicants must have a signed contract for the current season and be up to date on initial deposit and scheduled payments in order to be eligible. In addition, all applicants must also apply for the RMR Shinkara Hardship Scholarship as well as participate in all fundraising opportunities sponsored by TCV. The applications will be very similar in order to facilitate the process.

Need Based Financial Aid

TCV will provide a pool of $3,000 for the season to be distributed by the TCV Scholarship Committee. The TCV Scholarship Committee will be formed by 2-3 TCV Board members. The application process is outlined below.

  1. Complete and submit information form (link here). 
  2. Submit a letter from parent/guardian stating needs. 
  3. Submit a copy of parents’ most recent tax return (confidentiality assured). 
  4. Please include all items in a 9’ x 12’ sealed envelope and submit to Kyong Lee by Dec. 15th. 
Financial aid will be issued by Jan. 15th. Please note that RMR awards their scholarships in April.

Merit and Need Based Financial Aid

The executive directors at his or her discretion may reduce club dues to the Club level for National level players on a merit and financial need basis. This scholarship is separate and independent from the normal financial need based scholarships that may be awarded by the Scholarship Committee. The same application process must be followed as outlined above, and the Scholarship Committee has veto power if the information submitted is substantially different from what was communicated to the executive directors.

Download the Financial Aid Request Form