Our Philosophy


Coaching volleyball the "TCV WAY" means several things. First and most importantly it means that we are coaching these athletes to be confident young women that feel empowered within the sport of volleyball and in life in general. On the volleyball court it means that we teach these athletes to play with power and aggression first, accuracy and strategy comes second. We want the default of our athletes to be to swing hard and to GO on defense. Play BIG! Play Hard! GO!!!  

During practice it is the goal of our coaches to maximize touches within the limited practice time that we have. We feel the game teaches the game, and we want to make every drill as game-like as possible. Ideally you will see our coaches letting the athletes learn from the game during practice and as further instruction is need individual athletes will be pulled aside and given specific instruction and sent back into the drill or game.  We don't want to stop the learning of nine athletes in order to give specific instruction to one athlete.

Finally, we teach from a positive perspective.  It is our job to build the confidence of our athletes not tear them down. The big challenge, and key is to coach from a positive perspective while holding the athletes to a standard. The easy thing for a coach to do is to punish an athlete when they do not perform, sadly this is almost human nature for most people including coaches.  It is our goal to define the root cause of the issue and coach the athlete through specific instruction on how to perform the given skill correctly. An athlete has reached their potential at a given moment when they are confident and they are performing the skill correctly. Quite simply that is our goal.
We believe in taking a coach with the right attitude and mindset and educating them on the TCV Way of coaching.  TCV has been and continues to be closely aligned with coaching principals of USA Volleyball.  Each year TCV sends more coaches to the USAV High Performance Coaches clinic than any other club in the country. We also use our weekly skills sessions to make sure our coaches are continuing to expand their knowledge base while staying consistent with our core values.
Team Colorado offers two divisions of teams that have distinct philosophies and purposes: Club Division and National Division.  All TCV teams provide a high level of training with a focus on competitive success.

The National Division teams’ primary goal is to earn a bid to USAV Junior Nationals.  As a result the players that put the team in the best position to succeed will receive the playing time.  Playing time is 100% earned, therefore these teams are geared towards the athlete and family that wants to compete at the highest possible level while expanding their knowledge of the game. There is considerably more travel involved with a National team and a higher cost.

The Club Division teams’ goal is to field the most competitive team possible while still providing in-game opportunities for all the athletes. The focus here is more geared towards athlete development while still striving for competitive success. While each athlete can expect a certain percentage of playing time they are not guaranteed equal playing time. As a result playing time is still earned. There may be an athlete that plays 100% of the time and another athlete that plays 20% of the time, but there will be some playing time for all athletes. These teams will generally only travel within the state, but if a team does have the opportunity to qualify for a national bid it will be discussed and decided as a team.